SASSA Payment Dates April 2024, Check eligibility to claim social grants; How to check SASSA Grant Payment Status

How to check SASSA Grant Payment Status. SASSA, the South African Social Security Agency, plays a vital role in supporting millions of vulnerable individuals in South Africa through financial assistance. Their grants aid the elderly, disabled, and children in meeting their essential needs.

It’s crucial for beneficiaries to remain updated on the SASSA Payment Schedule, particularly as April 2024 approaches. This awareness facilitates financial planning and ensures timely access to benefits.

In this guide, we offer comprehensive information on the SASSA Payment Dates for April 2024 and How to check SASSA Grant Payment Status, covering various grants, payment methods, and guidance on checking payment status. This resource aims to assist beneficiaries in effectively managing their financial resources.

SASSA April 2024 Payment Schedule

SASSA Payment Dates for April 2024
SASSA Payment Dates for April 2024


The payment schedule offers a consistent framework for beneficiaries to anticipate their payments, enabling them to budget for necessities like groceries, transportation, and other essentials.

Each month, SASSA typically issues a payment schedule that classifies beneficiaries into various groups according to the type of grant they receive.

Grant Type Payment Date
Older Persons Grants 03 April 2024
Disability Grants 04 April 2024
Children’s Grants 05 April 2024
Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grants 01 April 2024
SRD March 2024

The SRD grant disbursement will occur from March 25th to March 29th, 2024. Recipients are advised to verify their status for the precise date, as funds may take 2 to 3 days to reflect after processing.

For SRD grants, the exact payment date within this range can vary. Beneficiaries are advised to check their specific payment status for precise information, as funds typically reflect in accounts within two to three days after being processed.

How to check SASSA Grant Payment Status

  1. First of All, Go to the SASSA Official Website at
  2. If you have an existing account, proceed to log in.
  3. Use your username and password to access your account.
  4. Click on the ‘Register’ button and complete the registration form with your ID number and personal details.
  5. Once logged in, find and select the section labelled ‘Payment Status’ or similar.
  6. See details about your specific grant, including payment date and status.
  7. Payment information may be updated regularly to check for the latest status.
  8. If you have questions or encounter issues, use the provided contact information to seek assistance from SASSA.

Keep Getting Your SASSA Grant Payments

  • Keep Personal Information Updated: Ensure that the authority has your current address, contact information, and bank details to avoid any delays in payments.
  • Be Aware of Payment Dates: Familiarize yourself with the payment schedule for your specific grant to plan your finances accordingly.
  • Protect Your SASSA Card: Treat your card like any other debit or credit card. Keep your PIN secret and report any lost or stolen cards immediately.
  • Beware of Scams: Be vigilant about schemes targeting beneficiaries. It will never ask for personal information or payment to access your grant.
  • Regularly Check Your Payment Status: Use the website or mobile app to monitor your payment status and any updates to your grant information.

By understanding the various methods available for accessing grant payments and following these tips, beneficiaries can ensure they receive their funds safely and efficiently.