The death toll in the China highway collapse has climbed to 48.

Death toll in the China highway. In southeastern China, the death toll from a highway collapse reached 48 on Thursday, with search operations continuing in the mountainous area where more than 20 cars plunged down a steep slope.

Officials in Meizhou city reported three individuals still unidentified pending DNA testing, which could potentially increase the death toll to 51. Around 30 people sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

The incident occurred around 2 a.m. on Wednesday following a month of heavy rainfall in a mountainous region of Guangdong province. Vehicles tumbled down the slope, igniting flames upon impact.

Death toll in the China highway
Death toll in the China highway


According to Meizhou Mayor Wang Hui during a news briefing, search efforts were ongoing, and no foreign nationals were among the victims.

Death toll in the China highway

The search efforts have been impeded by rainfall and the movement of land and gravel down the slope. The disaster created a winding, earth-toned scar amidst the green forest scenery.

Wen Yongdeng, the Communist Party secretary for the Meizhou emergency management bureau, stated that the rescue operation has become more challenging due to some of the vehicles catching fire.