Selected to Join at Jeshi la Polisi November, 2023

Selected to Join at Jeshi la Polisi November, 2023, Police Force Tanzania Call For Work Training November, 2023 (Kuitwa kwenye mafunzo Jeshi la Polisi November, 2023). Police Tanzania: Call for Work – Names Selected to Join at Jeshi la Polisi November, 2023

Background: The Tanzania Police Force was officially established on 25 August 1919 by an English Government proclamation published in Government Gazette No. But the army was legally established by the Police Force Act of 1939 [THE POLICE FORCE AND AUXILIARY SERVICES ACT OF 1939) PRINCIPAL LEGISLATION. This law is the one that applies to this day although it has been revised from time to time.

The Army Headquarters according to the announcement was in Lushoto District in Tanga Region under the leadership of Major S.T Davis.

Later in 1921 a group of European Police Inspectors arrived in Tanganyika and set up a special Police Training School in Morogoro Region to meet their needs and find enough skilled Soldiers. Despite having black soldiers who trained but still the soldiers remained with the lowest rank of Police as all the top ranks were given to the White Soldiers.

The following below is the important announcement concerning interview for the job opportunities at Tanzania police Force announced September, 2023 | Taarifa Muhimu. For more information please follow the link below…..

Police Tanzania: Call for Work – Names Selected to Join at Jeshi la Polisi November, 2023 BONYEZA HAPA CHINI KU DOWNLOAD MAJINA CALLED TO JOIN POLICE FORCE TANZANIA AND FULL DETAILS WRITTEN IN SWAHILI LANGUAGE: Download full list of names and additional details below written in Swahili language….
Official Released Date: 25th November, 2023





1. The Head of the Police Force announces to all young people selected to join the National Police Force that they are required to report to the Moshi Police School from 01/12/2023 to 02/12/2023 for attending training.
2. The youth who were interviewed at the Forces under the Police Headquarters will be required to report to the Dodoma Police Headquarters on 01/12/2023 at 12.00 in the morning for the trip to the Moshi Police School.

3. The young people who were interviewed in the Regions of Mainland Tanzania are required to report to the Regional Police Commanders who were interviewed on 30/11/2023 at 2.00 am in order to be given the procedure for the trip to the Moshi Police School.
4. Young people who interviewed at the Zanzibar Police Headquarters must report to the Zanzibar Police Headquarters (Ziwani) on 30/11/2023 for travel arrangements.
5. In addition, all selected young people are required to report to the Moshi Police School with the following equipment:

i) Track suit blue color with white stripes, white t-shirt without text, rubber, black socks, blue pants for sports and training with a metal box (Tranka) of blue color.
ii) A white round mosquito net and not a square one, two pairs of light blue sheets (Shuka 4), one gray blanket without flowers and a charcoal iron.
iii) Cleaning equipment: a hoe, a shovel with a handle, two small buckets, a broom.
iv) Health insurance card (NHIF) or cash Tsh.50,400/= for those without Health insurance cards.
v) Original Academic Certificates, original JKT/JKU certificate, original birth certificate, NIDA card or NIDA number, passport size 06 (blue background), and 5 copies for each specified certificate above.
vi) Livelihood funds.

6. Cell phones are not allowed on campus, so it is prohibited to report Smoke with a cell phone to the School Police. Anyone who will be found with a phone will be considered a misbehavior and the penalty is immediate expulsion from training. The school will direct the procedure for obtaining contact.
7. Whoever wants to report to the Moshi Police School after 02/12/2023 will not be accepted and will be considered to have withdrawn himself from the training.
8. The list of selected youth is attached to this advertisement.

Issued by;
IGP – Tanzania,
Police Headquarters,
S.L.P 961,