LATRA NEW FARE FOR TRANSIT | Nauli mpya za mabasi na Daladala 2023

The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) received requests from passenger transport service companies Super Feo Enterprises, ABC Classic and Happy Nation asking the Authority to review bus fares following the increase in operating costs, including the increase in the price of fuel (gasoline and diesel). The proposals of these companies are to increase the current fare of 56.88 shillings per kilometer for passengers as follows:


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Suluo has noted that the fare has increased by Sh100 to Sh300 for the trips that were taking place in the country.

“For those journeys that do not exceed 10 kilometers, the current fare is Sh500, the professional analysis of the calculator is Sh601 and 22 cents, the fare will go to Sh600,” explained Suluo.

For those who were traveling for 11 to 15 kilometers where they used to pay Sh550, they will now have to pay up to Sh700 which is an increase of 27 percent from what was used before.

For journeys of 16 to 20 kilometers the fare will rise from Sh600 to Sh800, 21 to 25 kilometers (from Sh700 to Sh900), 26 to 30 kilometers (from Sh850 to Sh1100),

Users who were using 31 to 35 kilometers will now pay Sh1,300 from Sh1,000 they used to pay while those from 36 to 40 kilometers will have to pay Sh1,400 from Sh1,100.

Speaking about the increase for long-distance trips, Suluo said that the prices are high due to the time that these vehicles use while on the way.

“This is the same if you look at the number of trips, that is, someone is queuing for a long time…if you give me Sh1,400 and then you don’t take me for my 40 km trip, it will be a problem,” added Suluo.


For long-distance buses, the fares have increased according to the type of road, the class of the bus and the distance the bus travels, which gives relief to the owners of the vehicles who submitted proposals to increase those prices earlier in October this year.

For long-distance buses, the standard bridge that will pass through the asphalt road, the fare has increased to Sh48.47 per kilometer from Sh41.29 previously used, while the dirt road has increased by Sh53.32 from Sh51.61 previously used.

Those who board the middle class should be prepared to have more pockets as the fare has increased by 19.27 percent from Sh56.88 per kilometer to Sh67.84.

The leader has noted that the fares announced today include the Latra charges to be paid by the owners of the vehicles while insisting that the fare for students remain at Sh200.

“The student fare continues to remain Sh200 per student for the trips we mentioned… here it is possible that you will not understand us but these parents are the ones who have already contributed

LATRA NEW FARE FOR TRANSIT | Nauli mpya za mabasi na Daladala 2023

LATRA NEW FARE FOR TRANSIT | Nauli mpya za mabasi na Daladala 2023


LATRA NEW FARE FOR TRANSIT | Nauli mpya za mabasi na Daladala 2023

LATRA NEW FARE FOR TRANSIT | Nauli mpya za mabasi na Daladala 2023