G7 Leaders Condemn China for “Enabling” Russia’s War Effort Against Ukraine

G7 Leaders Condemn China. The G7 summit concluded with a strong condemnation of China for its support of Russia’s defense industrial base, which allows Moscow to continue its illegal actions in Ukraine.

The leaders stressed the significant security implications of China’s ongoing support for Russia.

They called on China to stop transferring dual-use goods, including weapons and equipment, that contribute to Russia’s defense sector. Furthermore, the G7 threatened additional sanctions against Chinese entities that help Russia evade Western sanctions.

G7 Leaders Condemn China for "Enabling" Russia's War Effort Against Ukraine.
G7 Leaders Condemn China for “Enabling” Russia’s War Effort Against Ukraine.


G7 Leaders Condemn China for “Enabling” Russia’s War Effort Against Ukraine.

The United States has been intensifying diplomatic efforts to persuade Europe to adopt a tougher stance on China regarding its support for Russia’s military manufacturing capabilities.

U.S. officials have specifically accused China of facilitating Russia’s military production through the export of items like semiconductors, equipment, and machine tools, which enable Moscow to increase its output of tanks, ammunition, and armored vehicles.

While Beijing denies directly supplying weapons to either side of the conflict, the U.S. argues that by enabling Russia’s military production capabilities, China is indirectly supporting Moscow’s actions.

The G7 expressed concern over China’s economic policies, particularly issues such as industrial overcapacity and unfair practices that distort global markets and harm various sectors.

The group vowed to take action against what they see as China’s non-market policies and practices that cause market distortions and overcapacity in different industries. This includes recent tariff measures imposed by the European Union and the United States on Chinese goods such as electric vehicles (EVs), citing unfair subsidies to domestic companies that undermine foreign competitors.

Beyond economic concerns, the G7 also condemned what they described as China’s unilateral attempts to change the status quo through coercion in areas like the East and South China Seas.

The joint statement expressed opposition to China using coast guard vessels and maritime militia in the South China Sea, highlighting serious concerns about maneuvers that hinder freedom of navigation for other nations’ ships in international waters.