Fidelity Security Training Courses Prices

Fidelity Security Training Courses Prices. Discover the ideal course to suit your requirements and budget with Fidelity Security Training Courses Prices for 2024. Achieve your career aspirations in security with Fidelity’s comprehensive training programs.

In a society where safeguarding individuals and their belongings holds utmost significance, possessing skills, confidence, and reliability is paramount. Fidelity Security Services, South Africa’s largest and most esteemed security firm, is dedicated to aiding individuals and businesses in thriving within the security sector.

Adhering to the latest standards and regulations established by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), Fidelity Security Services offers a range of security training courses aimed at fostering competent and professional security practitioners.

This brief guide will delve into Fidelity Security Training Courses Prices and other essential details you need to be aware of before enrolling.

Fidelity Security Training Courses Prices Guide

Now, let’s dig deeper and talk more about what you’d pay for the Fidelity Security Training Courses this year. These courses aren’t like regular security classes; they’re more like an important step in shaping where you’re headed.

When you sign up for these courses, it’s not only about learning how to keep things safe; it’s also about putting your money into something that helps you grow as a person and in your job. It’s like planting seeds for a bright future that’s waiting for you to step into it.

Below is a simple table that shows the available Fidelity Security Courses and their prices.

Course Grade Duration Location Rates (Indicative) Additional Info
Grade A Security Manager Management Level 4 weeks Major Cities R1,200 to R1,700 VIP Close Protection Training included
Grade B Security Supervisor Supervisory Level 3 weeks Various Provinces R1,050 to R1,500 N/A
Grade C Protection of Information Specialized Module 2 weeks Nationwide R950 to R1,050 Focus on Information Security
Grade D Access Control Specialized Module 2 weeks Nationwide R850 to R950 Hands-on training in Access Control
Grade E Patrol Officer Entry Level 3 weeks Various Provinces R750 to R850 Basic training for Patrol Officers
This table provides a more detailed breakdown of this year’s Fidelity Security Training Courses Prices, including additional information on each course’s duration, location, and specific features. Note that all these prices can change at any time so be sure to contact Fidelity Security Services for the current prices.

Where to Locate Fidelity Security Services

Fidelity Security Services has spread its training magic across various provinces and major cities. Check out this list of fantastic locations where they can be found:

  • Pretoria
  • Johannesburg
  • Durban
  • Cape Town
  • Polokwane
  • Bloemfontein

This extensive list ensures that no matter which city or province you find yourself in, Fidelity Security Services’ top-notch training courses are right there, practically on your doorstep. It’s like having a training hub in every corner of the map, making it super easy for you to dive into their courses and level up your skills.

Accreditations and Recognition

Fidelity Security Services takes a lot of pride in being acknowledged and approved by some pretty big names in the industry. These include:

  1. ISO 9001:2008 Training Provider:
    They’ve got a gold star for sticking to really high-quality standards in their training. It’s like a guarantee that their courses are top-notch.
  2. Safety and Security SETA (SASSETA):
    SASSETA gives them a thumbs-up, meaning their courses are not only thorough but also keep up with the latest safety and security rules. Safety first, always!
  3. SAPS (South African Police Service):
    Even the police give them a nod of approval. It’s like saying they’re on the same team, committed to the best training standards.
  4. CIVIL Aviation Authority:
    They’re certified to provide top-notch training for aviation security. So, if someone dreams of soaring high in the aviation sector, Fidelity Security Group has covered them.
  5. Department of Corrections:
    They’ve got the green light from the Department of Corrections, showing they know how to train professionals in the unique world of corrections. It’s like getting a stamp of approval.
  6. City & Guilds:
    They’re part of City & Guilds, an international standard that says their courses meet the global mark of excellence. It’s like having an international passport for training.
  7. FIFA 2010 Events Steward Training:
    Remember the excitement of FIFA 2010? Fidelity Security Group was right there, making sure everyone was trained up for the big events. It’s like being part of the team behind the scenes.
  8. PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority):
    This one is crucial. PSIRA makes sure their courses meet all the rules and standards of the security world. It’s like a guarantee that graduates are set to shine in the private security sector Fidelity Security Training Courses Prices.