10 Vacancies at Barrick Gold Corporation Tanzania

Barrick Gold Corporation, one of the world’s leading gold mining companies, continues to expand its footprint in Tanzania, offering a range of job opportunities in the process. Known for its commitment to sustainable development and responsible mining, Barrick is a significant player in the Tanzanian mining sector. With operations in North Mara, Bulyanhulu, and Buzwagi, the company provides numerous vacancies for professionals seeking to build their careers in the mining industry.

Barrick Gold Mine Vacancies

Barrick Gold Corporation offers a diverse range of job opportunities in Tanzania, catering to various skill sets and professional backgrounds. The vacancies typically include positions in:

Engineering and Technical Services:

  • Mining Engineers
  • Geologists
  • Metallurgists
  • Maintenance Engineers

Operations and Production:

  • Shift Supervisors
  • Equipment Operators
  • Plant Operators

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE):

  • Safety Officers
  • Environmental Specialists
  • Occupational Health Nurses

Administrative and Support Services:

  • Human Resources Managers
  • Procurement Specialists
  • Finance and Accounting Professionals

Community and Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Community Relations Officers
  • Social Performance Managers

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Barrick Gold Corporation is dedicated to fostering local employment and skills development. The company prioritizes hiring Tanzanian nationals and provides extensive training programs to enhance the skills of its workforce. This commitment not only supports local communities but also ensures a sustainable talent pipeline for the company’s operations.

Application Process

Interested candidates can apply for vacancies through Barrick Gold Corporation’s official careers portal. The application process generally involves submitting an online application, followed by a series of interviews and assessments. Candidates are encouraged to regularly check the careers page for new job postings and updates and environmental conservation projects.