Tanzania Revenue Authority SACCOS Call for Interview, November 2023

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The Authority is a semi-autonomous agency of the Government responsible for the administration of the Central Government taxes as well as several non-tax revenues. TRA is currently implementing the Sixth Corporate Plan (CP6: 2022/23 – 2026/27) with the Vision of “A

rusted Revenue Administration for Socio-economic Development” and the Mission of “We Make It Easy to Pay Tax and Enhance Compliance for Sustainable Development”. VISION “A Trusted Revenue Administration for Socio-Economic Development”.

Mission Statement “We Make It Easy to Pay Tax and Enhance Compliance for Sustainable Development.The strategic objectives are supported with 18 strategic initiatives which will drive the authority into motion towards achievements of the former.

The tax revenue projections for Tanzania Mainland are set to increase from TZS 20,667.91 billionin 2021/22 to TZS 31,921.0 billionin 2026/27, representing a compounded annual growth rate of about 9.1 percentduring the period of the plan.

Kuitwa kwenye Usaili TRA SACCOS


The organization is inviting Tanzanians to attend for interviews for several positions. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT BELOW:



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