New Yanga Jersey 2023/24, Yanga New Jersey 2023/24 Price | Bei Ya Jezi Mpya Ya Yanga 2023/2024. 2023–2024 Jezi Mpya za Yanga SC a new kit At the beginning of the 2023–24 season, Yanga SC unveiled their new uniforms, which they will wear the entire time. The team worked with GSM, in particular with designer Ngoyi, who has a track record for producing top-notch jerseys in previous seasons. The jerseys for this year are anticipated to be even better than last year’s thanks to Ngoyi’s involvement.

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New Yanga Jersey 2023/24, Yanga New Jersey 2023/24 Price | Bei Ya Jezi Mpya Ya Yanga 2023/2024

Fans and players alike have expressed excitement following the announcement of the new jerseys. As supporters eagerly await the official release of the new designs, there is much anticipation. The new jerseys are anticipated to be aesthetically pleasing and of the highest caliber thanks to the marriage of the recognizable colors of Yanga SC and the skill of designer Ngoyi

Yanga New Jersey 2023/24 Price (Bei Ya Jezi Mpya Ya Yanga)

New Yanga Jersey 2023/24
New Yanga Jersey 2023/24

Young Africans sports club also known as Yanga Sc has made the price of their new kit quite affordable, with each jersey announced to be sold at 32,000Tsh (Bei Ya Jezi Mpya Ya Yanga 2023/2024). This price point offers fans a fantastic opportunity to proudly display their loyalty and support for the club without breaking the bank.

New Yanga Jersey 2023/24, Yanga Sc has set a minimum pre-order amount of 120 jerseys to guarantee the successful launch of their new kit. The club will commence production and distribution once they have received sufficient pre-orders to meet this target. This is a concerted effort by the fans to bring the new kit to life and foster a unified front for the forthcoming season.


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