Front Desk Receptionist at Four Seasons Tanzania

Front Desk Receptionist at Four Seasons Tanzania

Our people are the engine of Four Seasons. We are a group of people that have the same desire to improve, to challenge ourselves, and to treat one another with respect. With a sincere commitment to luxury, our staff members from all over the world provide our guests, residents, and partners with incredible experiences.

We are aware that providing our employees with a top-notch work environment and corporate culture is the greatest approach to empower them to provide these remarkable guest experiences.

At Four Seasons, we think it’s important to greet newcomers with a smile, recognize old friends, and treat everyone we come into contact with the way we want to be treated.

We think that our goal is to leave an impact on you that will last a lifetime, whether you work with us, stay with us, live with us, or explore with us. It stems from our conviction that genuine connections with others and the environment make life richer.


  • Uses the guest’s name to check them in as quickly and amiably as feasible. ensures that the right rate is charged and that the guest is given the type of accommodation they requested. Makes plans for the delivery of bags to the guest room. gives guests a briefing and gives them the appropriate keys.
  • Makes certain that every visitor is accompanied to their accommodation upon arrival and receives the appropriate orientation
  • When the visitor’s stay is about to end. Verifies the satisfaction of the guest, gathers the keys, levies the late fee, and gives the guest the bill. properly settles the charge using a cash or credit card transaction.
  • Keeps the hotel-assigned bank balanced. cashes checks, swaps foreign currencies, and makes change. all transactions are reconciled at the conclusion of each shift.


  • Education: A high school diploma
  • Experience: Prior front desk work in a hotel, resort, or lodge
  • Understanding the Opera System is essential.
  • Proficiency in English and computer proficiency are among Skills and Abilities.
  • Speaking a language other than English is beneficial
  • Number of workers under supervision: None.

Front Desk Receptionist at Four Seasons Tanzania

Application Process

The deadline for submitting job applications is 30th May, 2024;

All applications must be submitted through the Four Seasons Recruitment Portal at for any new positions.