Aftersales Supervisor 4 Posts at Startimes

Aftersales Supervisor 4 Posts at Startimes

Aftersales Supervisor.

Job Objective.
To ensure smooth and efficient operations of the customer care unit, by ensuring service rendered to customer meet and exceed customer expectations according to company policy and procedures.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Monitor direct sales performance of aftersales technicians, by ensuring all targets and unit objectives are accomplished effectively and timely.
  • Monitoring customer service quality of aftersales representative by ensuring all assigned services are dispatch and attended successfully and timely.
  • Monitor dormant activation performance of aftersales representative by ensuring all target are achieved by each team member.
  • Record all kind of technical complaints and make the related analysis for technical support manual.
  • Ensure customer technical problems are solved effectively and timely.
  • Coordinate and cooperate within/between departments to implement the planned activity in unit level and departmental level.
  • Dispatch job arrangement to aftersales representative.
  • Support training on actual practice of technical support.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the manager.


Lake Zone: 1 Post

West Zone: 1 Post

North Zone: 1 Post

Southern Zone: 1 Post

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Aftersales Supervisor 4 Posts at Startimes


Aftersales Zone Supervisor

  • Qualification Diploma Certificate and above in Marketing and Sales
  • Experience 2 to 3 years in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
  • Knowledge Supervisory knowledge
  • Skills Computer Literate

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Mode of Application

Please send your application to Startimes Shops mentioned (Hand delivery)

(Maombi Peleka ofisi ya Startimes yeyote iliyo hapo juu by

Only Natives of specific area/location shall be considered

Deadline 15th May 2023