Miloc Loans Kimberley (Affordable Micro Loans)

Miloc Micro Loans Kimberley

Miloc Loans Kimberley (Micro Loans) or Miloc Micro Loans Kimberley is a short term cash loan provider. Apply for cash loans, payday advance and cellphone deals.

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If you need a quick cash injection, whether that be for a last-minute holiday, or to pay for the food shopping when waiting for your next payday, then our instant loans are perfect for you.

We understand that everyday lives are unpredictable and may require cash fast to cover you in the short term. If you are a returning customer who has borrowed from us before, we can have the funds in your account within the same day of requesting to reborrow.

If you would like any further information on what is meant by any of the terms you see on Online Loan Services such as loan term, total repayable, payday lending, instant payday loans, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Miloc Loans Kimberley
Miloc Loans Kimberley


For general advice on borrowing, monthly repayments, interest rates or just independent expert advice, please contact Us.

Miloc Loans Kimberley Directions and Contact Details

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Miloc Loans Kimberley
Miloc Loans Kimberley


Miloc Loans Kimberley Business Description

Miloc Micro Loans Kimberley is located in Kimberley, Northern Cape. This business is working in the following industry: Loan companies.

Name: Miloc Micro Loans Kimberley

Engaged in: Financial services · Loan companies

Sector:  Financial Services »  Loan companies

Industry: Loan companies, Other activities auxiliary to financial service activities

ISIC Codes  6419, 6619

Miloc Loans Kimberley Contact Information

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Phone:  053 832 1459




36 Currey St, Kimberley, 8300, South Africa

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Miloc Micro Loans Kimberley Services

Keeping in line with its core values of caring for its customers, Miloc takes every personal condition into account and strives to meet each need with a reliable solution. The company offers a variety of services. All three branches provide:

  • Cash loans (30 days)
  • Medium Term Loans (3-6 months)
  • 3 Month Loans to pensioners receiving a Sassa old age pension or disability pension. Please note: NO loans against child grants!
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