Job Opportunity at Sokoine University of Agriculture

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) is a public University based in Morogoro Tanzania. The university is located on the slopes of the Uluguru mountains.

SUA is best known for offering courses and programmes widely in a field of Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Forestry, Animal Science, Wildlife Management, Tourism Management, Environmental Science, Food Science, Natural Resources, Nutrition, Rural Development, since its establishment.

Sokoine Universityof Agriculture lies on the slopes of the Uluguru Mountains, at an altitude of about 500 – 600 metres above sea level and receives an average annual rainfall of between 600 – 1000 mm.

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The university has 3,350 hectares of land for training, research and production in Morogoro municipality; 840 hectares of forest land in Arusha; 320 hectares of virgin forest for research in Usambara Mountains in Tanga and 500 hectares of miombo woodlands in Kitulanghalo in Morogoro region.

The university has Four campuses namely, The Main Campus which has a total land area of 3,350 ha is situated 3.0 km from the centre of Morogoro Municipality and about 200 km west of Dar es Salaam.

Job Opportunity at Sokoine University of Agriculture


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