How to apply for Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23

Read procedures onHow to apply for Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23.  Find out what you need to do for graduate registration, including tips to help you avoid unnecessary delays. AHPRA registration.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is responsible for the registration and accreditation of various health professions in Australia. If you are enrolled in a course to enter one of these professions, we will provide AHPRA with your details for student registration.

How long does it take to assess my application?

Once we’ve received your graduate results from your education provider, we aim to finalise your application within two weeks. That’s if you’ve provided everything you need to prove you’ve met the requirements for registration.

Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23 –  A few education providers submit graduate results in late October with the majority sending through their graduate results in late November to mid-December.

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How to apply for graduate registration

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How do I apply?

  1. Create your account using the online services portal and complete your application
  2. Upload your documents and pay the required fees. Check that you have provided all required documentation to prove you’ve met the requirements for registration, including certified copies of your proof of identity (see below for more information).
  3. Wait for your education provider to provide your graduate results to Ahpra.
How to apply for Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23
How to apply for Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23


We will let you know via email when we have assessed your application  ( Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23) and are awaiting your graduate results. If we need any further information, we will contact you.

Once we’ve received your graduate results from your education provider and we are satisfied that you have met all the requirements for registration, we will then finalise your application.

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How do I certify my photographic identity documents?

It’s important that you get your photographic proof of identity documents certified correctly for Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23.

On documents with a photograph such as your passport or driver’s licence you must make sure the authorised officer writes or stamps:

‘I certify that this is a true copy of the original and the photograph is a true likeness of the person presenting the document as sighted by me.’

To make sure your documents are certified correctly, please download or print the guide ‘Certifying Documents’  and take it with you to get your documents certified.

ahpra graduate registration documents

What documents are required for Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23?

Certified copies of your proof of identity documents. Certified copies of your name change documentation (if applicable) A certified copy of your academic qualification (if you have received it) Evidence that you meet your profession’s English Language Skills Registration Standard (if applicable)

Are you looking for the list of documents that you will need to scan and upload before you can submit your application, check them below.

All uploaded documents must:-

  • be in color, clear and legible
  • be clearly titled in English (no special characters)
  • be in one of the following formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PDF, WORD, or TIFF
  • be unencrypted (e.g. an unencrypted PDF)
  • be an uncompressed file
  • have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and
  • be smaller than 10MB in file size.
How to apply for Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23
How to apply for Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23

When should I apply?

You can start your application if you’re set to graduate within the next three months. While we want you to apply early, if you submit your application any earlier than three months you will be unable to apply online.

How can I track my application?

You can track the progress of your Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23 application from your online services account.

Can I provide my graduate results directly rather than waiting for my education provider to send them?

We need to receive your graduate results from your education provider on Ahpra graduate registration 2022/23. You don’t need to do anything as they send your results directly to us, however, if you are unsure if your education provider has provided your results or would like to know when they will be providing your results, you may want to contact them to confirm.


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