mypayslip Zambia login

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This article contains  mypayslip Zambia login, grz e-payslip zambia 2022, ePayslip Self service, download The government of Zambia has introduced an online based system mypayslip login that will allow all the government employees of Zambia to download and print their payslip (salary slip). login, download my payslip 2022, smart zambia e payslip self-service portal, self service payslips, szi-self-service portal, download download, epayslips, grz e-payslip

To access the mypayslip Zambia open this link epayslip self-service portal login and follow all the instructions as directed on the web page. The e-Pyslip Distribution Management Information Systems (EPDMIS) automates the distribution of pay slips by sending individual Emails for Public Service Employees on the Payroll Management and Establishment Control (PMEC) System.

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How can I access my epayslip?

Follow here how you can access your mypayslip Zambia login, Zambia mypayslip login,  login mypayslip Zambia, mypayslip login Zambia

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You can access your payslip from anywhere either on your mobile phone or any computer with internet connection. If you are a new user, kindly register by clicking on REGISTER FOR E-PAYSLIP. You will need a first-time registration code, which can be obtained from your Head of Department.

How to login to mypayslip Zambia | e-Payslip Self Service

  • Open the your web browser and search for
  • After accessing the link sing in using the Email and Employee No
  •    Then click send me credentials


Discover the Government of the Republic of Zambia – GRZ Self Service Portal via and login to download your latest epayslip online.

What is the password to open payslip?

The payslip passwords consist of:
  1. First 4 letters of the employee’s surname* (lowercase)
  2. First 4 characters of the NI number (lowercase). If the NI number is not there, then the employee’s birth year is used instead.
mypayslip Zambia login
mypayslip Zambia login

About the mypayslip Zambia login portal

The objective of this System is to enhance the distribution process of pay slips by extending the PMEC system adding functionality that send payslips electronically to employees.

The Systems will also provide secure self-service mechanism for employees to access pay-related information online on-demand. It is hoped the solution will help deliver the following benefits:

  • Enable Employees to timely access (and print if desired) both their current payslip and also historical pay information, including past payslips;
  • Convenient source of information and reference for employees;
  • Potentially reduced administrative burden on Human Resource Department in responding to employee requests for replacement payslips and other requests for information;
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