Matric rewrite 2022 Results Released Out

Today Matric rewrite 2022 Results have been Released out for all candidates.  Matric rewrite 2022 registration; results for may/june matric exams set to be released tomorrow – matric marking, matric, matric exams, matric exams rewrite, matric past exams.

A matric rewrite is done by a person younger than 21 years of age and is for the purpose of improving the marks of two subjects, maximum. If you’ve recently completed a matric rewrite, here is where you can fetch your results.

Candidates who took part in the 2022 May/June matric rewrite exams have been urged to note that their exam results will be made available. The department has also advised candidates on where and how to collect their matric rewrite exams results.

The Department of Basic has recently announced that the results for May/June matric exam rewrites  (Matric rewrite 2022 Results) will be released on 3 August 2022. If you’re among the candidates that participated in the mid-year exam, here is how you can access and collect your results.

Is Matric rewrite 2022 Results Released?

Yes, Today, 03 August the Examination Board has released out Matric rewrite 2022 Results Released Out in their official pages.
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Is Matric rewrite 2022 Results Released? – The first exam for the matric rewrite was administered on Monday 9 May 2022. Both candidates for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and the Senior Certificate (SC) made up the total number of candidates who took the exams, which was 290 682.

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Candidates for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) included individuals who took the NSC in 2021 and in years prior but were unable to attain the desired result. Candidates for the Senior Certificate (SC) were people over 21 who had successfully completed at least Grade 7 or Level 4. this is about Is Matric rewrite 2022 Results Released?.

Furthermore, according to a statement from the Department of Basic Education, candidates must visit the location/centre where they took the exam in order to collect their statement of results.

Is Matric rewrite 2022 Results Released?

A matric rewrite, also known as supplementary exam grants learners the chance to retake the subjects they did poorly in or were unable to finish due to illness or a death in the immediate family.

Additionally, candidates who previously wrote the National Senior Certificate (NSC) exam may register from 3 August to 16rh in order to retake it in November 2022.

Candidates for the Senior Certificate (SC) may register in October 2022 for the June 2023 retest. The combination of credits/results is not automatic, therefore candidates need to apply for this service at education district offices.

The department extended its gratitude to all those who helped make sure the May/June exams were conducted correctly and that the marking process went smoothly without a hitch

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