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Online Verification of Government Examination Results Results Online Verification , – Online Verification of Government Examination Results

Recent Ordinary Level and Advanced Level certificates issued by the Department of Examinations National Evaluation & Testing Service can be verified online at You can confirm the results listed on the Official Statement by entering the My Ref code from the document.

Note that verifiable certificates include a two-letter control code before the six-digit alphanumeric reference number (XX-XXXXXX) and indicate This certificate can be verified at at the bottom of the document.

Facilities are made available here in Results Online Verification to “get results verified” with regard to the G.C.E(O.L) and G.C.E(A.L) Examinations held in the year 2001 and afterwards. The document obtained here is only for verification of results. It does not serve the purpose of a certificate.

Check and Verification Your Exam Results Online 

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How to verify results online ?


Examination Results Online Verification , To verify the certificates, go to the Department of Examinations verification portal and click Certificates / Verifications issued online.

When prompted for the reference number, input the My Ref alphanumeric code located on the Official Statement. Do not enter the two-letter control code — only the six-digit reference number after the dash. Successful results include full name, year of exam, index number, and subject grad Results Online Verification Results Online Verification

Request Examination Certificates / Verification of Results Online​

ශ්‍රී ලංකා විභාග දෙපාර්තමේන්තුවේ වර්ෂ 2000 සහ ඊට පෙර අ.පො.ස. (සා.පෙළ) හා අ.පො.ස.(උ.පෙළ) සහතික අයදුම් කිරීම – උපදෙස්

இலங்கை பரீட்சை திணைக்களத்தின் 2000 ஆம் வருடம் மற்றும் அதற்கு முந்தைய ஆண்டுகளுக்கான க.பொ.த. (சாதாரண தர) மற்றும் க.பொ.த. (உயர் தர) சான்றிதழ்களுக்காக விண்ணப்பித்தல் – வழிமுறைகள்

Applying for certificates of G.C.E. (O.L) and G.C.E. (A.L) Examinations conducted by the Department of Examinations in or before the year 2000 – Instructions

Applying for certificates of MulikaPiriven, Bauddha Dharmacharya and Catholic Dharmacharya Examinations, conducted by the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka. Instructions

ශ්‍රී ලංකා විභාග දෙපාර්තමේන්තුව මගින් පවත්වන ලද මුලික පිරිවෙන්, බෞද්ධ ධර්මාචාර්ය හා කතෝලික ධර්මාචාර්ය විභාග සහතික අයදුම් කිරීම. උපදෙස්

இலங்கையின் பரீட்சைத் திணைக்களத்தினால் நடத்தப்படும் அடிப்படை பிரிவேனா, பௌத்த தர்மாசிரியர் மற்றும் கத்தோலிக்கர் தர்மாசிரியர் பரீட்சை சான்றிதழ்களுக்காக விண்ணப்பித்தல். வழிமுறைகள்

Issuing examination certificates and making name changes.

විභාග සහතිකපත්‍ර නිකුත් කිරීම හා නාම සංශෝධන සිදු කිරීම. උපදෙස්

தேர்வு சான்றிதழ்களை வழங்குதல் மற்றும் பெயர் மாற்றங்களைச் செய்தல். வழிமுறைகள்

Searching the Index Numbers

විභාග අංකය සෙවීම (අ.පො.ස (සා/පෙළ) හා අ.පො.ස (උ/පෙළ) විභාග) – උපදෙස්

க.பொ.த. (சாதாரண தர) மற்றும் க.பொ.த. (உயர் தர) பரீட்சை சுட்டெண்களை தேடல் – வழிமுறைகள்

Searching the Index Numbers (G.C.E. (O.L) and G.C.E. (A.L) Examinations) – Instructions

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