| Submit SASSA R350 Grant Appeals | Submit SASSA R350 Grant Appeals  – How To Submit R350 Grant Appeal Under New Rules. The website has been launched to help people submit the SASSA appeals.

The website has been launched to help people submit the SASSA appeals The website will only be activated on Monday 27 June 2022. so if you are trying to visit the website it says the page is not working.

the don’t worry since the appeals will officially be collected in the date mentioned so this article we will discuss about the social relief of distress (SRD) in collaboration with department of social development.

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The new website where clients can submit R350 grant appeals is  The new system for appeals only applies to rejected R350 grant applications from April 2022 onwards. Old R350 grant appeals are being processed by Sassa

How to use the website | Submit SASSA R350 Grant Appeals

if you have a device connected to the internet just go to Clients will be required to have a valid ID and Cell Phone number to access the new R350 grant appeal’s website.

They will also need to submit an appeal for every month that their R350 grant application was rejected.

So if you are among the qualifying R350 grant beneficiaries who is yet to appeal their R350 grant application or submitted your application, this is how you can submit your application for reconsideration:

  • visit the Sassa website.
  • Scroll down to “Application for Reconsideration”.
  • Select the yellow bar.
  • Fill in the required information.

Step by step appeal process on

on the message “click” here to lodge and appeal or check “appeal status” to access the appeal portal, then type in your ID and the cellphone number used to make an application for the grant, the press and send pin.

wait for the SMS with the verification Pin, Enter the pin and click submit. this is to make sure that you are the right person making the appeal, without the verification PIN you will not be able to proceed with this process. you also need to have the cellphone you used to make an application with you otherwise you will not be able to make an application.

if for any reasons you have changed or lost you cellphone, you must log onto dsd appeals website to update your details to be done from 1st july.

  • Enter the verification PIN received and submit
  • select the month you are appealing for
  • please select the dropdown arrow to choose the reason for your appeal application, select one of the reasons available on the list
  • then press submit and your are done

SASSA R350 Grant Appeal – Clients will also need an internet connection and data to lodge an appeal. No appeals will be done via WhatsApp, cell phones or any other means of communication. for more information visit the official sassa website srd dsd gov za, srd dsd sassa appeal,

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