UNISA Online Examinations Tips

UNISA Online Examinations Tips, Essential UNISA Online Examination tips

UNISA News- To all UNISA Exam students who will be writing examinations, we have compiled some essential tips to help you succeed in the examinations ahead.  See below guides for the various types of examinations and some other rules and information you might need.

Student guides


Student Exam Webinar Training Schedule

Special examination arrangements

UNISA Online Examinations Tips – Examination rules

MOOC Basic Skills for Online Assessments (myExams)

Student Exam Video Tutorial

Find some additional technical resources below:

UNISA Online Examinations Tips

About corrupt files


Also note that you must comply with important rules around plagiarism and cheating.

Contact information

Student Exam Guide 05: MCQ (Quiz) Assessment, UNISA Online Examinations Tips

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