20 Job opportunities at Kilwa districts council, May 2022

Job opportunities at Kilwa districts council

Kilwa district is located in Lindi Region in southern Tanzania, the total district area is 13, 347.50 square Kilometers (1,334,750 ha) of which 12, 125.9 square kilometers is surface land and 1,221.52 square kilometers is the ocean, to the north it borders with Rufiji district, Coast region, Lindi and Ruangwa districts in south, Liwale district in west and to the east it borders with Indian Ocean.

In the last national census of 2012 Kilwa district had 190,744 people of which 91,661 were males and 99,083 were female. The economy of Kilwa district hinges on crop production, livestock keeping, fishing, trade and to a very limited extent on industrial activities. Like in most districts in Tanzania,

Kilwa residents and their District Council draw a substantial amount of income and food from small holder cultivators. The most popular crops are cashew nuts, sesame and coconuts. Marginal contribution in council revenue comes from cashew nut, sesame and seaweed farming an activity that is attaining economic significance as the market grows.

The average per capital income is estimated to Tshs: 850,000/= per year. Like in many other districts in the country, the social sector of Kilwa district is constituted of Land, education, health, water, and energy. There services in many cases fall short of the actual demand and are also unevenly distributed.

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How to Download Job opportunities at Kilwa districts council

The imbalance in the distribution of services is attributed to uneven distribution of population, which is concentrated in the central and southern parts of the district, particularly in the wards surrounding Kilwa town. To read job advert and how to apply click here to download pdf

In case you have failed to download pdf above or your browser does not support this download click here to download pdf.

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